11th European Conference on Fungal Genetics, Philipps-Universitšt Marburg, Germany, MARCH 30 - APRIL 2 2012




Friday 30 March
Hörsaalgebäude Biegenstraße 10
14:00-19:30         Registration and poster set up
18:30-22:00         Welcome Reception, Hörsaalgebäude
18:45-19:45         Keynote Lecture
Gerald R. Fink, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, USA 

Saturday 31 March
09:00-10:30         Plenary session 1: Plant and Human Pathogens
10:30-11:00         Coffee
11:00-12:30         Plenary session 2: Epigenetics and RNA Biology
12:30-14:00         Break for lunch
14:00-15:30         Parallel sessions: 
Fungal Cell Biology
Sex and Sexual Development 
Genomes and Genome Evolution
15:30-16:00         Coffee and cakes
16:00-17:30         Afternoon Parallel sessions continue
17:30-20:30         Evening poster session sponsored by Genencor

Sunday 1 April
09:00-10:30         Plenary session 3: Secondary Metabolism
10:30-11:00         Coffee
11:00-12:30         Plenary session 4: Synthetic and Systems Biology
12:30-14:00         Break for lunch
14:00‐15:30         Parallel sessions: 
Organismic Interactions
ROS, Autophagy and Apoptosis
15:30‐16:00         Coffee and cakes
16:00‐17:30         Afternoon Parallel Sessions continue
17:30‐20:00         Evening poster session sponsored by Genencor

Monday 2 April
09:00-10:30         Plenary session 5: Genomes
10:30-11:00         Coffee
11:00-12:00         Plenary session 6: Regulation and Development 
12:00-14:30         Extended lunch break for sightseeing and guided tours
14:30-16:00         Parallel sessions:
Sensing and responding
The Fungal Cell Wall
16:00-16:30         Coffee and cakes
16:30-17:30         Afternoon Parallel sessions continue
17:45-18:30         Keynote Lecture
William Holloman, Weill Cornell Medical College, USA  

19:30-22:30         Conference Dinner at Marburg Castle